Thank You!

Loam and Arrow Homestead

Written by: loamandarrow

May 8, 2024

Did you know?

Currently, all proceeds from our egg and poultry sales go directly back to the homestead to assist in the cost of caring for the hens that are laying your (our) eggs.

That comes in the form of feed, supplies, feeders, lots and lots of bedding, supplements, scratch (snacks), saddles to protect the favorited hens, repair coops, fencing, and of course more birds (we have some purebred Silver Laced Orpingtons and additional purebred rare breeds on the horizon).

We firmly believe in knowing where your food comes from and aiming for the best food choices that your budget allows. This is why we have chosen the path of raising our own chickens for (pretty) eggs and being able to share those eggs with you.

There is a lot of time and effort put into the chickens that is never really ever compensated for, but we love them dearly and hope you do too. Every little bit helps to keep our flock sustained, healthy, and happy. So thank you!

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