My facials are holistic in nature and I use only organic, professional-grade plant active luxury skincare. All three of my skincare lines are gluten-free, cruelty-free, and toxin-free, with a good portion of my products being nut-free. 

Stephanie Sofka - Licensed Esthetician

Stephanie Sofka

Licensed Esthetician

Your skin is your largest organ, so treating it with a non-invasive holistic approach is the heartbeat behind Loam and Arrow Aesthetics. From the moment you enter the studio, every aspect of your experience is chosen with intention and care, in an effort to address the stress, free radicals, and factors that can greatly affect and influence skin health. 


We are the Sofka Family of 7, striving to live/learn all things food, sustainable and intentional, on our 5.5 acre Tennessee homestead. Our homestead collectives consists of: Homesteading, Aesthetics and Art.

Columbia TN Holistic Facial Spa


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