Loam and Arrow – A Homestead Collective

Loam and Arrow Homestead

Written by: loamandarrow

May 4, 2024

There are multiple facets to “Loam and Arrow”, which by default, is very exciting! However, we were and still are faced with a challenge; how do we best represent our brand without highlighting one area of passion over another? It has been weighing on our hearts and minds for several years now…

The easiest and most logical way of getting our story and strengths described in black and white, was to start a collection of our talents, but under one roof so to speak…

That is how “Loam and Arrow – A Homestead Collective” was born.

Currently, our Homestead Collective consists of three parts:
Homesteading, Aesthetics and Art.

The “Homesteading” part of Loam and Arrow is what we do as a family but fueled by our desire to live simply, self-sustainably, and organically.

“Aesthetics” is Stephanie’s passion for skin health by offering facial treatments within the confines of our homestead spa.

Last but certainly not least, the “Art” is what Mike offers, as has been refining 24/7, 365 days per year; essentially since his youth and is the “bread and butter” of the Sofka Family.

We have been dreaming of this homestead for most of our married life (18+ years), and is slowly becoming our reality.

Our large family of seven, all reside on a small family homestead consisting of 5.5 acres in Columbia, Tennessee.

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